why heal?

What we stand for

Licensed 2 Heal is a non-profit organization seeking to alleviate poverty through empowering African communities. We do this by giving them access to education, social development, markets , medical aid and by providing Leadership training. All in the hope of providing them with economic growth.

As Africa continues its fight against poverty and other socioeconomic concerns, we will continue to invest in relationships that ensure our activities have a measurable impact. We believe.. arts and issues should co-mingle and be used to address the needs of the needy rather than be segregated as improper strangers.

At Licensed 2 Heal we believe loving your neighbor is not advice but a command from God.. Therefore, with this mind-set, it is our duty to utilize our unique resources to enrich people's lives in and around the world especially Africa.

Our Rationale

To date there continues to be a deadly consequence for poverty in Africa. With no end in site, our brothers and sisters in Africa continue to scrape by on whatever it is they can find each day. Children's dreams are often shattered at an early age. As community stewards, our goal is to help Africans through projects and solutions to daily problems they face. By providing buses for transportation, computers for learning, medical aid and homes for shelter, they will be able to dream again.

...As citizens to humanity, we are galvanizing leaders and people regardless of race, color and passport to do their part no matter how small so the generationss both present and unborn can dream again, live again and breath again.

I am, you are, we are Licensed 2 Heal...

Program Implemenation:

       How License 2 Heal establishes relationships between Western and African communities.

Our Model in Action:   Beat Aids

Our exciting Beat Aids campaign helps raise awareness about the effects of aids in America and in Africa and provides real world solutions to its effects. This project provides an example of the License 2 Heal model in action.

IDENTIFY PROBLEMS A Licensed 2 Heal assessment and action team has identified the need for an awareness program based upon rising AIDs figures and the number of orphans due to AIDs.

COLLECT INFORMATION Data will be collected to determine the size of program required, the range of people affected, material requirements, budgets, and current aids statistics for future program evaluation.

CONNECT COMMUNITIES Data will be presented to the License 2 Heal board, who will assist in the sustainable beat aids plan development.

IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS We will work with American aid organizations, MTV, BET. Licensed 2 Heal will hold an awareness and fundraising concert to benefit those affected by AIDs.

SUSTAIN PROGRESS the Licensed 2 Heal Beat Aids concert will be held annually to continue raising support and awareness needed to sustain our effort to combat aids and its effects on society as a whole.

Our core programs

Licensed 2 Heal realizes that issues relating to poverty are diverse and at times very complicated, which is the reason we analyze four seperate areas in all community assessments. We ensure that root causes of poverty are addressed first, and our plans and programs are prioritized based on our assessments. We believe that these four fundamental projects are essential to affecting poverty, and using all of these programs together allow us to address the major poverty issues within an African community.

EDUCATION Child and adult education programs ensure that Africans have the skills to seek employment, while healthy families are built on the foundation of both males and females having an education.

HEALTH By establishing basic health services and health education, Africans are able to seek employment and/or an education.

SPORTS An Investment in soccer programs not only provides a source of recreation for youth but more importantly gets many children off the streets and gives them hope for a future.

ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT With the dignity of work, Africans are empowered to make their own choices in regards to their family's health and education.