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Water makes up 75% of the world we live in yet more than half a billion people in sub-saharan africa are still forced to use unsafe water sources. Less than 36% of Sub-saharan Africa has access to sanitary facilities. The combination of these two variables has prevented any advances in the fight against poverty, aids, and other deadly diseases and sicknesses plaguing africa. Our aim is to radically change this through immediate intervention.

Presently the Millenium Development goal is to halve these statistics by 2015. Through strategic partnerships and planning this goal can be met, says the WHO/UNICEF Joint monitoring programme. Licensed 2 heal has combined forces with organizations already in place in africa to help make this happen. We know that there are thousands of lives at stake each and everyday that passes.


- work with community groups in the states to partner with sister cities in africa. by partnering with african communities, personal responsibility will be developed and active change can begin.

- research and development teams will travel to africa to investigate water situations in key areas. we will look for operations already in place and look for ways to fund their efforts.

- Partnerships with african governments will help facilitate transportation of materials and resources to necessary places.

- New and innovative research will be sought out to help keep water systems clear and made available to all in the community.

- Country-wide sanitation campaigns will begin in rural settings and big cities to help promote clean living.


In order to acheive and exceed the set goals by the millenium development group everyone must come together with one vision and one goal. It is our responsibility and duty to help in whatever way we can to change the situation of the people of africa. We take for granted the power that we have as individuals because we do not see the effectiveness of our contributions towards the massive undertaking. At licensed 2 heal we believe that one individual, one community, one city, state or nation can come together and radically change the outcome of millions of lives today. By embracing each other in unity, we can effectively change the outcomes of countless numbers of lives.


Licensed 2 Heal has established strategic alliances with corporate, political, and non-profit organizations that will compliment the vision and goals of L2H Water. There are many drilling wells sitting idle in africa waiting to drill wells but do not have the funds to operate. It is our goal to raise awareness in the developed world about the tragedy of the situation in africa through public service announcements and creative ad campaigns.