Kick Poverty

STATUS: planning


Most troubled youth are on a downward spiral. They do not have hope, therefore they do not have a vision for the future. With each passing year of their lives this is replayed again and again. Well we do have a go from the streets to the soccer field!

Soccer is the #1 sport in Africa, and is very popular. We are taking the youth and allowing them to train with local and national teams. By doing this, we are getting them off the streets, giving them hope for the future, and empowering Africans to reach higher.


- many children on african national teams have come from the streets. we hope to take youth with soccer skills and train them to be even better soccer players. we desire to give skillful players the adequate training they need to succeed.

- sports related activities have been linked to discipline, honor and respect for oneself and their community. it is our desire to foster these traits in the players.

- we will pursue leaders among these athletes to direct their own teams.

- Through training camps and school programs we will connect these potential stars with current athletes that have similar backgrounds, thus providing stable mentorship.


Many african children dream of being like David Beckham one day. With no shoes and a wadded up group of bags, these children train tirelessly. We want to instill hope in these children's lives and teach them that dreams do come true. We will bring children together in the name of soccer and use this opportunity to train them in leadership. Through role modeling we believe that these children can look past their present circumstances to the future.


The nigerian national team among other international teams have already pledged their support of this program and its success. Through participation in training camps and other events these present-day super stars can share their stories and impart hope to these children's lives.