Mission 2 Heal

STATUS: planning


Licensed2Heal envisions a land where all who are sick have access to medical attention. It is our heart to provide medical professionals, equipment, and even traveling clinics to those in need.


- raise awareness about diseases and sicknesses in africa and the ease of eliminating many of them.

- gather and ship medical equipment, supplies and medicine to hospitals, clinics and villages all throughout africa.

- facilitate yearly trips to remote areas in africa to help medical personel on the ground and reach out to hard-to-reach villages with no access to medical care.


In order to meet the stated objectives we will partner with hospitals, various medical practices, pharmacutical companies, organizations and individuals in the developed world to collect the needed resources. With the support of actors, actresses, musicians and other individuals we will hold forums and concerts to help raise awareness about health in africa. We believe that people all over the world, no matter how remote, should have adequate access to healthcare and health education.


Licensed 2 heal is connecting with training hospitals, universities, medical professionals and organizations to implement yearly medical trips to africa. mobile clinics will be set up in africa to help facilitate medical personel from the united states and africa to travel to remote villages to administer care. Partnerships with African hospitals will allow ongoing training and facilitation of resources to continue the mobile clinics throughout the year.