STATUS: launched May 2008/ongoing


We are aware that by 2010 100 million people will be infected with HIV/AIDS, of which 71% will come from Sub-Saharan Africa. This translates to 1 in every 4 African adults.

With these alarming numbers, Licensed 2 Heal is leading a mandate of world class musicians by combining diverse cultures on 1 musical platform in 1 continent and with 1 message, “AIDS WILL NOT DEFEAT US”

The concert beatAIDs 2009 will take place during the month of the All Africa Games, comparable in size, magnitude and prestige of the Olympics in the United States. The concept is taking a world-class goodwill event to impact thousands of people globally, by leveraging The All Africa Games community, sponsors and the general public during that period.


- Leverage this event to support AIDS awareness and prevention programs globally

- To create direct access to target audiences that are committed to advancing universal values through events that have meaningful impact

- To accelerate the fight against AIDS and other diseases that continue to destroy the very fiber of what constitutes a nation: individuals, families and communities: economic and political institutions, military and police forces


In order to meet the stated objectives all participants must come together on one stage and with one voice from all diverse cultures to one musical platform. Still many take for granted the power that music holds over the ability to address socio-economic issues. By embracing brand name celebrities, we can effectively and efficiently deliver the message, “AIDS WILL NOT DEFEAT US”


Licensed 2 Heal has established strategic alliances with corporate, political, and non-profit organizations that will compliment the beatAIDs 2009 concert.