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Licensed 2 Heal is leading a mandate of world-class musicians by combining diverse cultures on 1 musical platform in 1 continent and with 1 message, “AIDs will not defeat us!”
Beat Aids Project

Through the provision of textbooks, supplies, school buses, and computers we will ignite the fire to learn so others will become licensed to heal.
Education Initiative Project

Licensed 2 Heal aims to combat sickness and disease by shipping medical supplies and equipment to Africa. We will set up mobile clinics to reach out to hard to reach places.
Mission 2 Heal Project

The Licensed 2 Heal football program is partnering with the nigerian national soccer team to encourage young athletes off the streets through soccer.
Kick Poverty Project

at Licensed 2 Heal we know that one of the greatest causes of sickness and disease in Africa is caused by dirty water. Without clean drinking water, sickness and disease will continue.
L2H Water Project

Licensed 2 Heal has plans to build community centers in several African cities that will provide a place to train individuals to better their own lives and others.
Equipping Project

licensed 2 Heal aims to train individuals to lead. our goal is to reach all areas with our training programs that finds leaders in unusual places.
Leadership Training Project