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Why do we use partners?

The task of affecting poverty in Africa is huge. "Behind every able man, there are always other able men." We realize that we cannot attempt to accomplish our goals alone. We want to establish programs and projects that have sustained impacts. We also know that there are many organizations with a similar focus: eliminating poverty in Africa. These organizations have many man-hours invested in this vision. To begin trying to eliminate poverty on our own would not be a very effective endeavor due to the size of the ask. Through partnerships and cooperation we hope to become a catalyst for change in africa. Licensed 2 Heal has partnered with individuals, organizations, and companies that can facilitate these projects in the countries where they are invovled.

Our Partners

United Body of Christ International

Good Samaritan Foundation - Haiti

Christ's Mandate for Missions

What is our part?

The main focus of Licensed 2 Eeal is to make people aware and establish accountability when it comes to our donors. We travel to Africa to find places and people in need, and return with reports of great work being done on the ground. We then gather the needed resources and money so that the work can go on and become more effective. We provide a platform for the poor, carrying their stories back to people here who have the ability to help. We then provide a portal through which people can give. Sometimes those gifts are monetary but many times people provide us with the resources like sewing machines, farm equipment, computers, even pens and pencils for students. We are a conduit that allows your contributions to reach the hands of our parnters in Africa. They use the resources that we gather to equip and enable Africans to better their lives and end the cycle of poverty. We take it one step farther and follow up and measure the effectiveness of each and every pen, pencil and tractor sent to Africa. We not only want to affect the people of africa but we want you to see the impact of your donation, no matter the size, so you can see the communities that you affect.

Our Projects.