The vision of Licensed 2 Heal began when I came to the USA in 1996 through the Visa Lottery Program. I dabbled in the music and fashion business, dressing and branding the 'who-is-who'. God stopped me and said "you need to get to the 'who-is-not'..." That is where I am and remain.

After journeying aimlessly, I started to look within. God showed me through adversity that if I look in every man and woman regardless of race, color, heritage and passport, there is a gift that has been planted. With this gift each one of us is Licensed 2 Heal.

I found my gift and that is using my talent as a brand-consultant to mobilize you, yes you, to join me and help me empower the less priviledged.

This mission will only be possible if this action plan is corporately embraced and supported. No single structure or organization can combat poverty. By providing your leadership and good will, other leaders of your caliber will do the same.